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Get-straight-to-business turnkey space? Environments tailored to your exact specifications? Bloom has everything to help your business thrive. Any of the following would be available for an occupier at Bloom.

Strategic Design & Fit out

Our strategic workspace advisory uses extensive data collection and evaluation to develop spaces that enhance productivity and well-being. Origameo support includes strategic analysis, design and fit-out.

Smart workspace solution

Our tech and sensory platform, boosting office experience and well-being. A virtual twin of your workspace providing insights into interactions, space utilisation and the office environment.

Co-work & educational events

Our co-working space connects ideas and nurtures talent. By supporting knowledge sharing, education and community, it provides space for like-minded people to meet and move business forward.

Flexible workspaces

Highly designed and fully fitted workspace for scale-ups and size- changing businesses to plug and play, on flexible lease terms.

Events & services programme

Offering events and services, delivering more value to companies and employees – enhancing talent attraction and retention, improving absenteeism and employee engagement.

33 Central


HB Reavis

We are an international workspace provider with a mission to create remarkable experiences through real estate solutions. In practice, we invest in, design, build and manage our buildings, from bespoke headquarters and retail malls to co-working spaces. But because we put users and local communities at the heart of every decision, these are also inspiring spaces that enhance productivity and wellbeing.


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